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WHAT IS A Affordable Domains Canada AFFILIATE?

Our affiliate program allows online businesses and bloggers to earn commissions by referring visitors to the website. Each time a visitor makes a purchase, whether it be Wax Liquidixer or any of the other products we carry, our affiliate earns a referral fee - up to 15% of the sale price. It's a quick, easy way to make money on your website. Updated every day with new products, is Canada's ultimate online shopping experience.


Our affiliate program provides the latest tools and promotions to ensure you maximize your monthly referral fees. We have thousands of affiliates throughout Canada and the United States who link to the website using our promotional tools and earn commissions month after month. The best part of this program is that once set up, you can continue making money months or years down the road!

- Earn $1 on every package of extract purchased from an affiliate of yours.
- Earn 15% on every purchase of "Gear" purchased from an affiliate of yours.


Using our Affiliate Account Manager to access dozens of text links, advertising banners and promotional items that you can use to link your website to and earn referral fees. Once you start selling, you can request your commission payment from Affordable Domains Canada after your Affiliate Account has been active for 30 days! All sales are tracked through the linking code you provide on your website and promotions. You will also receive a weekly newsletter with the latest, highest-performing ads to help you optimize your website and promotions to make more money.


To become an Affordable Domains Canada Affiliate, you MUST already be a client of Affordable Domains Canada! Only clients who have used our products can attest to our products greatness - Our affiliate manager provides accurate payment, tracking and reporting. Simply click the button below to login to Your Account, and Register your account with our Affiliate Manager. Your account can be setup and ready in seconds!

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